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What About Saki

SAKI; A Japanese translation (Sa) meaning “Blossom” and (Ki) meaning “Hope”.

Our Purpose

SAKI  purposes to deliver sanitary pads/products and Menstrual Health education to Kenyan girls from poor socio- economic backgrounds to make sure that periods do not get in the way of girls’ right to Education.

We want to make menstrual products more accessible to every
school girl. It also normalizes menstruation to the youth especially men. Men
need to get over the stigma that menstruation is gross, dirty, a women’s only
issue, or something that emasculates them.

We are in a journey that everybody supports for a cause that will ensure every single adolescent girl receives full education without missing out on classes because of their period cycles.

Our partners
Want to make a difference?

Did you know KES 500/= is enough to keep 1 girl in school for a Whole Year!!!
See Us Through This Cause.



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