Education Programs organized By Saki


We are well aware that Education is a powerful tool towards our cause.

In as much as we need girls to be able to be given full education opportunities, we also focus on using education as an empowerment channel for out whole society.

Girls can be able to go to school but if the environment outside and surrounding them is  made up of an “ignorant” populace then the efforts for #girlchild education become zero.

We need a society where girls are treated with dignity that they ought to be given.

A complete society is one that understands Mensuration is a normal natural occurrence in women and girls.

We need to provide education to our men and boys regarding the female sexuality and growth with out shame for them to completely understand what is needed for them to ensure they naturally accommodate girls as they get to their adolescent stages.

We need an educated society made of men and boys whom that provide support to our women and girls not as a favor but as their obligation. Our girls need to go to school hence we ought to make sure they go to school.

For SAKI other than providing sanitary pads, we also come up with tailored education programs for communities to ensure that no stone is left unturned as we forge forward towards achieving our goals.

Through our social media and online platforms we have also been able to spread positive messages that in the log run reach our communities.